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  1. The Royal Love Quadrangle: Charles, Camilla, Anne And Andrew Parker Bowles | Grazia
  2. 1973: Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles.
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  4. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' wedding

Basically, it's not exactly clear what broke the pair up.

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  5. The Royal Love Quadrangle: Charles, Camilla, Anne And Andrew Parker Bowles.
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According to royal biographer Penny Junor , what is true is that Charles' staff did try to break up Camilla and Charles once they started dating again after his divorce from Diana. The two had been having an affair before the divorce, and their behavior was seen as embarrassing to the entire royal family.

Camilla and Charles continued to date, and eventually were married in Spoilers for season three. Perhaps as a means of introducing the doomed marriage between Charles and Diana Spencer the woman you probably know as Princess Diana , The Crown depicts Camilla and Charles' breakup as one that was forced by the royal family.

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Specifically, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Charles' mentor, and the Queen Mother, Charles' grandmother, conspire to separate the two at any cost, even inviting the Shands over to discuss how exactly they're going to break up the two of them. Following that Machiavellian moment, Mountbatten uses his military connections to get Charles deployed to the Bahamas for an extended period. It's all part of a theme that figures large in season three of The Crown : Intolerance is quietly passed down from generation to generation of the royal family, with catastrophic effects.

The Royal Love Quadrangle: Charles, Camilla, Anne And Andrew Parker Bowles | Grazia

Although it's impossible to say what happened behind closed doors, the most likely scenario in real life is that Camilla Shand simply believed Andrew Parker Bowles to be a better match for her. Both she and Charles were very young when they met—Charles was 22, and Camilla was 23—and she married Andrew when she was 25, so she had a relatively short time to make a life-changing decision at a young age.

Inside Prince Charles And Camilla's Gorgeous Home

In The Crown she appears indifferent to his charms, but others say she was in love with him. The Crown then starts to blur fact and fiction when it looks at the big break-up. The show suggests that the Queen Mother and Lord Mountbatten conspired to ensure Charles never achieved his hopes of marrying Camilla.

1973: Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles.

The Prince of Wales knew it was imperative that his bride must be a virgin, an aristocrat and a member of the Church of England. Camilla only ticked the Church of England box. Sign in. All Football.


Liv plays Maj cool. She had to act dispassionately in scenes on the Aberfan disaster, when children died.

The Crown is on Netflix from Sunday. Princess Anne and Andrew Parker Bowles were briefly romantically involved but he was not considered a suitable match for her because he was a Catholic.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' wedding

Andrew and Camilla got back together and were married in London in Princess Anne married another contemporary from the scene, Captain Mark Phillips, that same year. Princess Anne and Andrew remained friends and are still spotted together at horsing events all these years on. Meanwhile, Prince Charles was heartbroken in and it was several more years before he met Lady Diana, who he actually first came across when he dated her older sister, Lady Sarah.