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  1. 17th Annual (2020) "Humies" Awards
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17th Annual (2020) "Humies" Awards

The objective is to…. Please share your general feedback.

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You can start or join in a discussion here. Visit emeraldpublishing. Table Of Contents: Volume 29 Issue 2. A two-stage OGI approach to compute the regional competitiveness index Vincent Charles , Tomonari Sei Regional competitiveness refers to the capacity of a region to manage its resources and competencies to increase the well-being of its people.

Call For Entries

Export competitiveness with border-sharing countries: an assessment of Pakistan Kashif Munir , Maryam Sultan The purpose of this study is to analyze the export competitiveness of Pakistan with border-sharing countries, i. Does competitiveness moderate inclusive growth: a panel study of low-income countries Rukhsana Kalim , Noman Arshed , Sadaf Shaheen In the past few years, the concept of competitiveness developed by the World Economic Forum has become the focal point. Competitiveness, economic growth and human development in Latin American and Caribbean countries Giovanni E.

Reyes , Alejandro J. Useche The purpose of this paper is to analyze the performance and the relationship between competitiveness, real gross domestic product GDP growth and human development in 20…. Competitiveness and production efficiency across OECD countries Manuel Salas-Velasco The purpose of this paper was to measure the efficiency of resource utilization across OECD countries aiming to verify that higher levels of competitiveness enhance the….

Competitiveness and managerial discretion: an empirical investigation at the national-level Moustafa Salman Haj Youssef , Hiba Maher Hussein , Ioannis Christodoulou The purpose of this paper is to examine the national-level predictors of country competitiveness using the concept of managerial discretion. ISSN : Online date, start — end: Latest Issue. Past Issues.

Competitiveness Review | Emerald Insight

Similarly, to win a championship, a promotion, or a date, you need only to beat the immediate competition, whether a team, a colleague, or a fellow suitor. No wonder we constantly measure ourselves against our peers. Apparently the survey respondents would rather the planet be filled with stupid, ugly children than have their own child left behind [1]. Among grown sisters not in the workforce, a woman was more likely to get a job if her brother-in-law outearned her husband [2].

The researchers who ran the game also found that in real life, people making just above the minimum wage were among the least supportive of a minimum-wage hike [3]. And yet, competitive though we clearly are, we underestimate the influence of social comparison. In one study, call-center employees said that achieving mastery at their job was more important than achieving superiority ranking better than peers.

Women Are Competitive For Men

But in reality, relative rankings affected their self-evaluations, and mastery did not [4]. Our desire for relative advantages is not irrational: Such advantages may make us happier.

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