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  1. A Compilation of Sercombe Families
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About a guy called Jack Reacher. Lee writes in this style. Lots of short declarative sentences. Very short. Millions of them.

A Compilation of Sercombe Families

One after the other. That's how Lee writes. I found it annoying. Very repetitive.


But what do I know? Lee's books have sold more than the Bible. The blurb tells us this. Every nine seconds, someone buys one. That's an amazing statistic. In good and bad ways. Lee likes statistics, too. He peppers the book with them. One third of all Americans own a dog.

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Lee tells us this at one point. Then he clarifies. It's actually 36pc. Just so we're certain. I presume it's to give the book added veracity.

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I'm not sure it works. New to Independent. Create an account. Jack Reacher is the hero of Lee's books. Used to be a military policeman MP in the army. So he knows how to kill people. How to avoid being killed. That's basically all Reacher does. He kills people.

Index of: [5SP01]5SP

And he avoids being killed. Jack is a drifter. Not the weird kind. Who hang out by themselves on railway lines. Drinking and frightening children. Jack is the cool kind. He journeys from town to town. Free as a bird. Living the dream. Minding his own business. Staying out of trouble. In fairness, he doesn't kill everyone. Just the bad guys. Never the good guys. He helps those.

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Even if they don't ask for help. Jack likes to help anyway. So he does. By killing all the bad guys. This is the latest Reacher novel.

It's called Blue Moon. Because every once in a blue moon, things turn out right. Unless you're one of the bad guys. Being killed by Jack.

I Spit on Your Grave lll: Vengeance Is Mine (2015) - DISTURBING BREAKDOWN

He fetches up in an unnamed city. Real scumhole. Crime up the yin-yang. It's divided in two. Albanian gangsters run one side. Ukrainian gangsters run the other. Jack doesn't know this at first. His bus is pulling in. He sees an old man. Lots of money in his pocket. A ne'er-do-well tries to mug him. Jack softens his cough. But doesn't kill him. He helps the old man home.

The guy's called Aaron Shevick. Married to Maria. Their daughter has cancer. So there are big medical bills. The Shevicks had to borrow money. Now they're in deep with the gangsters. Jack offers to help. He meets the moneylender. Pays off the debt. Pretends to be Aaron. I'm not sure why he did that. Anyway, they then have to borrow more money. Jack ends up killing two Albanians. They think the Ukrainians did it. Ode xxxv. Ode iii. Ode xvi. Events of great importance had also occurred in Algiers, by which this ancient stronghold of piracy was stripped of its terrors, and its impotence fully demonstrated.

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The resources of this state were even more severely affected by the wars of Europe, than those of Tunis and Tripoli, as it depended less than either of them upon native industry for support. A Pasha of Algiers, who wished to retain his throne and consequently his life, was forced to keep his troops engaged in wars from which they might individually derive profit; to increase their pay at the expense of the public treasury was ineffectual, and he who attempted thus to win their favor was soon despised and overthrown.

They required the excitement of contests and plunder, and bread not won at the dagger's point seems to have had no relish with them. In , these desperadoes murdered their Dey Mustapha, only because he was of too peaceable a disposition. Under Achmet his successor, they had a war with Tunis, but it was conducted in a very languid manner, for no plunder could be expected. The United States continued to pay the enormous annual tribute which had been stipulated in the treaty of , but not punctually.

The little respect which was paid to neutral rights at that period by France and England, rendered the transmission of the naval stores composing the tribute difficult and unsafe, and this was the reason always alleged by the American Consul in accounting for the delay; but it was also in a great measure intentional, from the idea on which the other nations tributary to Algiers acted, that by thus remaining always in arrears, the fear of losing the whole sum due, would render the Dey less inclined to make any sudden depredations on their commerce.

A strict adherence to engagements voluntarily entered into, would have been perhaps the better, and certainly much the more dignified course, as the Dey would have found it to his interest to conciliate those who paid so regularly.

Whilst the American squadron remained in the Mediterranean, these excuses were listened to without many signs of impatience, but on its departure Achmet raised his tone, and after threatening for some time, he at length in the latter part of sent out his cruisers with orders to seize American vessels, informing Mr. Lear at the same time, that this was not to be considered as a hostile proceeding, and should not disturb the peace between the two countries.